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BigSol Media Brands - UV - Adhesive Media Type

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 BigSol Gloss Adhesive-Backed Vinyl  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    732P5454 in. x 150 ft.0.23¢5 mil3" $ 158.00      
 BigSol Perforated Window Vinyl  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    7335454 in. x 164 ft.0.48¢7 mil3" $ 355.00      
    7336060 in. x 164 ft.0.48¢7 mil3" $ 394.00      
A solvent ink, digital print media comprised of a white vinyl face sheet and a black backside with clear repositionable adhesive and a release liner. The face sheet is 6.5 mil calendared vinyl, perforated, with a white face, glossy, and with a black backside. It has uniform 1.7 mm circular perforations spaced on a 60 degree bias and weeded from the face sheet matrix to give a 47% clear viewing area.
 BigSol Satin Low-Tack Ad-Backed Poly  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    7373636 in. x 100 ft.0.75¢14 mil3" $ 225.00      
    7374242 in. x 100 ft.0.75¢14 mil3" $ 262.00      
    7375050 in. x 100 ft.0.75¢14 mil3" $ 312.00      
A semi-glossy coated and tear-resistant polypropylene film with a water fast coating for solvent inks. This product has a paper-like touch and the printouts are characterized by high color brilliance, sharp image definition and long durability. The special low tack glue allows an easy and 100% bubble-free application and residue-free removal on boards, plates or glass. The special solvent coating combines the ecological and physical characteristics of a polypropylene film with the advantages of very durable inks.
 BigSol Control EZ™ Adhesive Vinyl  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    7385454 in. x 150 ft.0.54¢2.1 mil3" $ 366.00      
Is a 2.1-mil gloss white, polymeric stabilized, soft calendered PVC film designed for solvent based, ink jet printing. The product is coated on one side with a permanent, opaque, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and supplied with an 86# Kraft liner. Designed for long-term outdoor advertising and promotion applications on flat or curved surfaces. Outdoor durability 7 years.
 BigSol Economy White Gloss Adhesive Vinyl  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    74213030 in. x 150 ft.0.17¢4.5 mil3" $ 62.00      
    74215454 in. x 150 ft.0.16¢4.5 mil3" $ 111.00      
    74216060 in. x 150 ft.0.17¢4.5 mil3" $ 124.00      
BigSol Adhesive Vinyl is your best option for everyday use. With it°?s bright white surface for the brightest color graphics and it improved double-side PE coated liner for easy installations, as well as the solvent acrylic adhesive for longer term adhesion, this product is sure to be your go-to for most mounted jobs.
 BigSol WrapEZ Highly-Conformable Vinyl  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    7485454 in. x 164 ft.$1.072 mil3" $ 790.00      
Opaque vinyl designed for ultra-conformable, long-term applications. Air egress adhesive system, smooth printing face, low initial tack and 7 year durability are some of the features that make this a premier product. The three-dimensional multi-channeled air egress system allows air release in all directions. This will cut down on application time and can increase profitability. The smooth face stock has an industry leading blue-white base along with the highest gloss level available. This provides premier brightness and intensity for ultimate color pop. It is easy to remove from the liner and is extremely re-positionable, which will benefit when dealing with those difficult applications.
 BigSol WindowVision  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    75615454 in. x 100 ft.0.80¢5 mil3" $ 360.00      
BigSol WindowVision is a black/white composite PVC with approx. 1.4-mm holes and a clear removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Perforation pattern: Approx. 30% perforated, 70% retained. Exterior-mount window graphics intended for short-term applications (approx. 1 year or less), such as POP, retail and commercial window signage. Please check your local, city, state and national regulations for compliance.

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