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All Media Brands - Latex - POP Media Type

Big Systems enters into Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with most of our suppliers. According to these agreements, the dealer can sell an item for any price, but we can not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price that is set by the supplier. Add the item to your cart to see your price.

 WetJet Heavy POP Display  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    4283636 in. x 65 ft.0.92¢14 mil3" $ 180.00      
    4285050 in. x 65 ft.0.92¢14 mil3" $ 250.00      
    4286060 in. x 65 ft.0.92¢14 mil3" $ 299.00      
A matte coated and tear resistant rigid PVC film with a water resistant coating for dye and pigmented inks. A heavier weight version of 427. The product has a cardboard-like touch and the printouts are characterized by high color brilliance, high image definition and long durability. It is well suitable for various displays, roll-up systems and presentations. The product is also suitable for short-term outdoor use when printed with pigmented inks.
 BigSol 13oz PET Anti-Curl Blockout Film  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    75913939 in. x 150 ft.0.51¢13 oz3" $ 247.00      
    75915454 in. x 150 ft.0.52¢13 oz3" $ 351.00      
BigSol PET Anti-Curl Media is a reinforced anti-curl banner material manufactured with a blockout polyester film and a PVC layer fused to the top. It is an ideal choice for indoor banner or display graphics applications where a super smooth image is required for high-end and close-up viewing. The gray back is light blocking to prevent image washout.
 BigSol Satin Textured Roll-Up Film  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    76013636 in. x 100 ft.0.55¢9 mil3" $ 165.00      
    76016060 in. x 100 ft.0.55¢9 mil3" $ 275.00      
BigSol Satin Textured Roll-Up Film's rich, anti-glare texture will show exceptionally well in banner stand applications. The dark gray back will keep your images bright with no wash-out. Designed to lay-flat, this hybrid film is a cost effective option over PET film.
 Sihl PolySol RollUp Film  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    3515-3636 in. x 66 ft.0.84¢7 mil3" $ 166.00      
    3515-5454 in. x 66 ft.0.84¢7 mil3" $ 249.00      
3515 PolySOL™ Roll-Up is a 7 mil polyester display film with a "low glare" satin finish and an instant dry, water resistant coating. The durable 7 mil construction is intended to be used unlaminated to create a retractable banner. It can also be overlaminated to create a durable tradeshow panel engineered to withstand repeated rolling in portable display units without cupping, warping or scratching. For additional protection 3515 can be overlaminated with both pressure sensitive and hot laminates.

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