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MacTac Laminate Brands - PSA - Gloss Laminate Type

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 Permaguard High Gloss 2mil PS  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    IP700151 in. x 400 ft.0.81¢23" $ 1383.00      
    IP700251 in. x 150 ft.0.91¢23" $ 582.00      
    IP700331 in. x 150 ft.0.92¢23" $ 357.00      
    IP704061 in. x 150 ft.0.94¢23" $ 714.00      
    PG7036W54L16454 in. x 164 ft.$1.012 3" $ 749.00      
    PG7036W54L16454 in. x 164 ft.$1.0123" $ 749.00      
GBC???s exclusive Lay-Flat? substrate keeps prints curl-free during humidity changes. Digital adhesive is engineered to create a chemical bond that enables lamination immediately after printing with superior adhesion to polyester based toner prints. Together they ensure beautiful and long-lasting lay-flat protection for your output.
 MacTac RAYZor Cast Overlam  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    LF3648G54 in. x 54 ft.$2.651.53" $ 644.00      
 ColorGard 3mil gloss  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    CG803838 in. x 150 ft.0.42¢33" $ 200.00      

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