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GBC Laminate Brands - PSA - Gloss Laminate Type

Big Systems enters into Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with most of our suppliers. According to these agreements, the dealer can sell an item for any price, but we can not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price that is set by the supplier. Add the item to your cart to see your price.

 Arctic Gloss 3 mil  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    930081125 in. x 150 ft.0.54¢33" $ 169.19      
    930081231 in. x 150 ft.0.85¢33" $ 327.51      
    930081338 in. x 150 ft.0.95¢33" $ 451.88      
    930081551 in. x 150 ft.0.85¢33" $ 540.80      
    930081651 in. x 300 ft.0.53¢33" $ 673.28      
    930081755 in. x 150 ft.0.47¢33" $ 326.18      
    930081861 in. x 150 ft.0.53¢33" $ 406.53      
    930081979 in. x 150 ft.0.53¢33" $ 522.38      
Brown kraft paper in roll form used as a backer when doing pressure sensitive over-lamination. It allows for single-sided lamination by preventing adhesive from coming into contact with the roller
 Arctic Gloss  
    SkuSizeSqFt CostWt / milCore Size MSRP Price  Purchase 
    374737025 in. x 150 ft.0.43¢32.25" $ 135.78      
    374737138 in. x 150 ft.0.59¢32.25" $ 278.89      
Nap-Lam II roll film designed specifically for EZLoad roll laminators. Patented key and color coded roll end caps make this film impossible to load incorrectly.

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