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Mimaki - Solvent - JV5

Big Systems enters into Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with most of our suppliers. According to these agreements, the dealer can sell an item for any price, but we can not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price that is set by the supplier. Add the item to your cart to see your price.

  Sku 440ml ES3 Ink Cartridges Your Price  Purchase                  
SPC-0440CCyan 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00   
SPC-0440KBlack 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00   
SPC-0440LCLight Cyan 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00   
SPC-0440LMLight Magenta 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00   
SPC-0440MMagenta 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00   
SPC-0440YYellow 440ml Cartridges $ 129.00  

  Sku 440ml HS Ink Cartridges Your Price  Purchase                  
SPC-0473CCyan 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00   
SPC-0473KBlack 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00   
SPC-0473LCLight Cyan 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00   
SPC-0473LMLight Magenta 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00   
SPC-0473MMagenta 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00   
SPC-0473YYellow 440ml Cartridges $ 125.00  

  Sku Replacement Parts Your Price  Purchase                  
M006579 JV33/JV5 Compression S-Damper Assy $ 46.00   
PRINTHEAD 47V Printhead 47V $ 2500.00   
M007124 JV5 Valve M6 Assy $ 40.00  

  Sku Maintenance Supplies MSRP Price  Purchase                  
P77970ASwab 50ct GerberCAT $ 33.00   
P82528ASwab 500ct GerberCAT $ 235.00   
SPA-0119 Mimaki JV5 Cross Cut $ 50.00   
SPA-0125Cleaning Wiper (10 pack) for JV5 $ 96.00   
SPA-0128 JV5 Waste Ink Bottle [4L] $ 38.00   
SPC-0294 MS Cleaning Cartridge 220cc $ 67.50   
SPC-0336Cleaning Solution SS21 SS2 Inks JV3 JV4 JV33 & JV5 $ 56.00   
SPC-0369 JV33 Solvent Cleaning Liquid ES3 Inks $ 55.00   
SPC-0369 JV5 Cleaning Solution 200cc w/Swabs $ 55.00  

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