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Hewlett-Packard - Aqueous - T2300

Big Systems enters into Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with most of our suppliers. According to these agreements, the dealer can sell an item for any price, but we can not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price that is set by the supplier. Add the item to your cart to see your price.

  Sku Series 72 130ml Ink Cartridges Your Price  Purchase                  
C9370APhoto Black 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00   
C9371ACyan 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00   
C9372AMagenta 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00   
C9373AYellow 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00   
C9374AGray 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00   
C9403AMatte Black 130ml Cartridge $ 72.00  

  Sku Series 72 69ml Ink Cartridge Your Price  Purchase                  
C9397APhoto Black 69-ml Ink Cartridge $ 50.00   
C9398ACyan 69-ml Ink Cartridge $ 50.00   
C9399AMagenta 69-ml Ink Cartridge $ 50.00   
C9400AYellow 69-ml Ink Cartridge $ 50.00   
C9401AGray 69-ml Ink Cartridge $ 50.00  

  Sku Series 726 300ml Ink Cartridge Your Price  Purchase                  
CH575AMatte Black HP 726 300-ml Designjet Ink Cartridge $ 145.00  

  Sku Series 72 Printheads MSRP Price  Purchase                  
C9380ABlack/Gray Printhead $ 80.63   
C9383ACyan/Magenta Printhead $ 80.63   
C9384AMatte Black/Yellow Printhead $ 80.63  

  Sku Accessories MSRP Price  Purchase                  
CN454A SCP reprocontrol for HP (1 printer) $ 1995.00   
CN455A SCP reprocontrol for HP (2 printers) $ 2995.00   
CN501A HP Designjet External Hard Disk $ 400.00   
J7961G HP Jetdirect 635n IPv6/IPsec Print Server $ 499.00   
Q6709A HP Designjet 44-inch Roll Feed Spindle $ 69.00   
Q6675-60093 HP Z6100 3in Spindle Core Adapters [pair] $ 40.00  

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