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Hewlett-Packard - UV - FB550

Big Systems enters into Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements with most of our suppliers. According to these agreements, the dealer can sell an item for any price, but we can not advertise the item for an amount less than the Minimum Advertised Price that is set by the supplier. Add the item to your cart to see your price.

  Sku  Series FB250 2 liter Ink Your Price  Purchase                  
CQ123AWhite 2 liter Scitex Ink $ 379.00  

  Sku Adhesion Promoters Your Price  Purchase                  
ZE1000-4 ZE-1000-4 Adhesion Promoter [styrene, vinyl, PVC, polycarb] Quart $ 99.00   
ZE680 ZE-680 Adhesion Promoter [acrylic, glass] Quart $ 99.00  

  Sku FB794 3-Litre Your Price  Purchase                  
G0Y93ACyan FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00   
G0Y94AMagenta FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00   
G0Y95AYellow FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00   
G0Y96ABlack FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00   
G0Y97ALt Cyan FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00   
G0Y98ALt Magenta FB794 3-Litre $ 450.00  

  Sku Maintenance MSRP Price  Purchase                  
CH151A HP UV Lamp Air Filters [12pk] $ 28.00  

  Sku Accessories MSRP Price  Purchase                  
CH231A Replacement UV Lamp $ 299.00  

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